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Hampshire House & Property Clearance

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What's The Next Step ?

  • Q. How does a house/property clearance work?
  • A. You will need to contact our office, email or telephone, the operator will take your details and your requirements. Usually, within twenty minutes you will have a formal email quotation in writing. Two things to note: 1/ you will speak to a person who will assist you all they can. There are no automated calls ! 2/ Any personal information will be kept for the 26 week duration of the quotation and then destroyed. The data WILL NOT be shared with any third party. Depending on the size of the property to be cleared, we send a team, usually two or three, and they will remove everything that is no longer wanted in line with your instructions. This includes waste items, furniture, carpets, clothes, bedding, vehicles etc..
  • Q. How long will it take?
  • A. Firstly and most importantly, we have an agreed date & time, in effect a contract, and WE ARE GOING TO TURN UP.  (This is particularly important if you are travelling a great distance to be there or have time restraints) This last year we cleared in excess of 600 properties. We were late just once, a group of protestors had glued themselves to a slip road on the M25. The client was telephoned to let them know we would be late. We arrived about an hour late. The clearance was still undertaken and completed that day. We are usually on site between 8:00am and 9:00am. All our staff members are motivated and will get on with the clearance promptly. With good access a two person team will remove one van load within one hour. Two van loads with three members of staff will take approximately two hours.
  • Q. How much will it cost?
  • A. When giving a quotation to clear a property we take into account how many bedrooms the property has, is there an attic, garage, shed or greenhouse to clear. However, the price can be greatly reduced if there are items of high value to be cleared as a part of the clearance.
  • Q. What do you do with the items taken?
  • A. We recycle and salvage as much as possible at our depot, this helps to keep our costs down. Other items are donated to charity. We then pay for further intensive processing at another plant nearby.
  • Q. What payment methods do you take?
  • A. All of our work is fully receipted and waste transfer notices are given. To settle the account we accept a cheque, cash or a bank transfer.
  • Q. What happens if I have items of a greater value?
  • A. If they are suitable for us to purchase them, an offer would be made on the day of the clearance. This can help to greatly reduce your bill or you could have a significant surplus.
  • Q. I don't feel that the criteria laid down fits my needs, what can we do?
  • A. In this situation, we offer a service where we send one of our Luton vans and two members of staff to clear your items, they will remove everything that is no longer wanted to the capacity of the vehicle, weight or volume. Whilst there they will assess further requirements, if any.
    If you have any questions or would like further clarification please telephone our office on 0333 444 4024.

To further understand how a standard, general property clearance works. 

Below is a video of one of our clearances in progress from start to finish.

There are written highlights for the hard of hearing or deaf.


A brief outline. (The boring bit)

We are a company that began trading in July 1987.

Our aim was to establish a comprehensive property clearance service for the general public and businesses alike.

Over the last thirty years or so we have gained the necessary experience to be able to assist our clients in any situation they may find themselves in.

Although most of our clearances are of a standard form we specialise in the clearance of larger more challenging homes and properties.

For standard clearances all we need are a few details of your requirements which can be sent to us by email or you can telephone. You will then receive an email from us detailing our next available dates for a clearance, terms and conditions, ways to settle the account and a written quotation. If your circumstances are slightly different or unusual a selection of photographs would be helpful.


When clearing a property we take everything that is no longer wanted in line with the clients instructions.

Things we do not take are plasterboard, asbestos, rubble, gas cylinders, soil, tyres, garden foliage, toxic substances and related items.

All of our staff members are helpful, courteous, quick, efficient and fully uniformed.

All of our vehicles are modern, in plain white and not sign written.

For further information telephone our office on 0333 444 4024 or email